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About the service

  • There are 3 main options of playing — Basic which costs $7 per hour, Premium which costs $12 per hour and Elite which is $20 per hour. The difference between these options is that in que time — it can take up to 3 hours in Basic and take a few minutes in Premium and Elite. Also in Premium and Elite you can bring a friend to play with you absolutely for free.

  • FAQ

    What if the game is not on the list?
    We are currently in the process of adding games to our platform. If you have a game you want to play, message JustCause#8958 at Discord or shoot an email to [email protected]

    Do I have to pay to use your service?
    No, actually you can play with our up and coming PRO players for free! However, if you want to get coaching or play in party with seasoned veterans, you'll need to use fill your balance first. One hour of play costs $12 regardless of the activity.

    How can I trust you? Where is the legal info about the company?
    Legionfarm is an officially registered company. The Terms and Conditions can be found here.

    How can I join you as a PRO?
    Easy! Just sign up at and we'll help you become a high-paid PRO.

    Meet the most effective Apex Legends team finder

    Boys and girls, ladies and gents, gamers of all ages, welcome to Legionfarm – a place where all your gaming dreams come true. Nowadays, as the gaming industry is growing by leaps, keeping up with all those new fast-paced projects and their tremendous amounts of content is getting harder with every release. There’s no doubt, we all have noticed that games are becoming more sophisticated, and getting used to all their intricacies now poses an enormous challenge. As they say, modern problems require modern solutions, and that’s why things like LFG and Play with Pros have come to be. Well, but first things first. You are probably looking for a proper example, and we, as always, are ready to illustrate. Let’s talk about Apex Legends. A real gem in the list of battle royale games, it provides a truly action-packed experience and a unique futuristic world to explore. It’s incredibly fun to spend your time on, but the gameplay relies heavily on your skills and reaction. For a newbie or a non-confident player, it can become a problem. Moreover, soloing might actually be quite hard, as every match is full of well-knit parties that work together perfectly. And it’s always nice to have someone who is always ready to get your back, isn’t it? Apex LFG seems like a good option, but, frankly speaking, it more unreliable than it is useful. You never know what team you’ll end up with. Coordination, tactics, developing a strategy – all of it is key to your success, and if your group has even one weak link, the whole thing doesn’t work at all. When you perform poorly, it ruins all the fun, right? Well, Legionfarm can change that. You don’t need to check every LFG service in search of a decent party through trial and error when you’re free to join a party that will always be by your side. An experienced, helpful team, full of skilled pros. If you turn to Apex Legends coaching, our experts will teach you and share everything they know about this epic game. They’ll analyze your playstyle, give you personal tips on what to improve and what to avoid at all – in other words, they’ll pass on their deep Apex knowledge and help you become a solid player. Stop wasting your time reading all those Apex guides on the Internet. Now you can have your personal guide, teacher, coach, and advisor all in one. With our coaching offers, you can invest in your gaming future, and who knows, maybe it’ll be your first step to ascending the highest pinnacles of e-sport competitions?

    Destiny 2 coaching is the surest way to the top

    Let us bring you all up to speed on what exactly our service can do for you. First of all, we work with a vast range of online games of all kinds and genres. We have experts who have mastered FPs games and experts with years of MMO experience. Destiny 2, for instance, is very in demand today, and we’ve made sure our pros can keep up. Destiny 2 boost is a relic of the past now. Why would you need to pay someone to play for you if you can learn how to play well yourself? You’ll forget about such thing as boosting for good – your improved skills will allow you to take on any challenge on your own, whether it’s a weapon unlocking quest or climbing up that glory ladder in the Crucible. Boosts are for those who are okay with a one-time victory and Destiny 2 PvP coaching is a privilege of players who are chasing a big long-term goal. When you choose to play with a Legionfarm pro, you can be sure to have the most professional gaming session possible. Our experts are found all over the game’s leaderboard, and some of them are well-known D2 streamers. They are more than willing to provide exclusive Destiny 2 guides and secret tips that are not revealed anywhere on the web. Focus on your strong points, learn to work out the weak ones, develop your own unique playstyle, and start making your way to the most glorious D2 rewards.

    Escape from Tarkov LFG and other great offers are waiting for you

    The truth is that boosts might give you the pleasure of achieving that high rank or unlocking a gun, but they won’t teach you how to do it yourself next time. And our service will. It doesn’t matter if you are a dedicated MMO player or an avid lover of some fast-paced FPS games – we’ll teach you to succeed in any of them. What about Division 2? CoD’s Modern Warfare or it’s Russian brother-in-arms Escape from Tarkov? The latter is pretty hardcore even for those who’ve been playing shooters their whole life, so if you wanna truly dominate, feel free to ask our pros for help. We can offer you an entire new Tarkov LFG service with only high-ranked pros who have mastered this game to the fullest. EFT is a kind of game that doesn’t forgive any mistakes. It’s very close to a real-life military encounter where you don’t have a second chance, and the line separating life and death is very thin. Take a wrong turn, and you are dead. Got distracted, and you are dead. Didn’t react quickly enough, and well, you are dead as a doornail. Learning to play this game well is a rough ride, but not with our Escape from Tarkov coaching. We work with well-known champions, popular streamers, with experienced veteran players, and many other experts who are willing to train you and turn you into a badass gamer. Improve your Tarkov stats, learn to navigate all the locations without a map, explore every single spot to know the whole city like the back of your hands. Next time you go raiding, you won’t be afraid to take some proper gear with you, ‘cause your chances of getting killed will be significantly lowered. Sharpen your reflexes, hone your shooting skills, be the one who gets away with the most precious loot. And if you are looking for a good coaching session in a game like LoL, now it’s high time we introduce you to our League of Legends Pro players.

    Discover the benefits of League of Legends coaching

    You don’t need to get an LoL service from some shady boosting company ‘cause we’re glad to offer you a solution that’s way better than spending money on a one-time boost. Only one session with our pro and you will learn how to play League of Legends a lot better and therefore, your skills will significantly improve. You’ll learn useful tactical moves, practice gaining and maintaining strategic advantages, and all of that vast knowledge will be successfully applied to your future LoL matches. Sounds pretty cool, right? Why use some random LoL LFG service and team up with people you know nothing about? Are they team players at all or more likely loners? Can you trust them to cover your back when it comes to a real uphill battle? Of course, you might get lucky and find yourself a group that’ll be your best buddies squad from now on, but let’s be honest, the chances are pretty low. So why risk when you can Play with Pro? Our services are purely custom: you choose the game, the number of pro players and the time you wanna spend learning. Can’t wait and wanna start right now? No problem! Pick the needed option on, and a pro will join you in just ten minutes. You can also try our service for free. Just say a word to our 24/7 support, and they’ll set up a perfect gaming experience designed personally for you. Don’t be shy, let’s make great gaming memories together!

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