Play with PRO in Apex: Legends

Improve your skills. Rank up faster. Enjoy every game!

No more noobs!

Got no time to find an elite team? Tired of playing with randoms and collecting losing streaks? Our service provides VIP experiences for gamers like you. Use Legionfarm to play with highly-skilled, non-toxic, and helpful teammates. Play with the top 0.1% of Apex Legends players and rank up 10 times faster. Get into the top 3 in 70% of your matches. Finish each of your gaming sessions with satisfaction.

How it works


You choose the time and we find you a pro


After the checkout, we add you to the chat with a pro


5 minutes before the session time our pro player adds you to the party

About the service

  • There are 3 main options of playing — Premium which costs $12 per hour and Elite which is $20 per hour. The difference between these options is that in queue time — it can take up to 3 hours in Basic and take a few minutes in Premium and Elite. Also in Premium and Elite you can bring a friend to play with you absolutely for free.

  • FAQ

    What if the game is not on the list?
    We are currently in the process of adding games to our platform. If you have a game you want to play, message KRASAVA#3041 at Discord or shoot an email to [email protected]

    Do I have to pay to use your service?
    No, actually you can play with our up and coming PRO players for free! However, if you want to get coaching or play in party with seasoned veterans, you'll need to use fill your balance first. One hour of play costs $12 regardless of the activity.

    How can I trust you? Where is the legal info about the company?
    Legionfarm is an officially registered company. The Terms and Conditions can be found here.

    How can I join you as a PRO?
    Easy! Just sign up at and we'll help you become a high-paid PRO.

    Apex Legends coaching is your golden ticket to the top

    How to get better at Apex Legends? We bet this question has crossed your mind at least once since you set your feet into this incredible battle royale game. It doesn’t matter if you play competitively or rather see Apex as something to help you relax and blow off some steam — the desire to improve is common and understandable, especially when you see other players and their results. But how did they achieve such heights? No one is born a pro, that’s for sure. But there are gamers who are more skilled than others and with the help of our Apex coaching, you have a chance to learn from them. No more articles and walkthroughs from the Internet — now you can communicate with a real-life pro and get unbelievable firsthand experience of playing side-by-side with e-sports champs and popular streamers. Apex Pro coaching can meet all your needs: whether you want to get a couple of sessions or you’re pretty serious about becoming a pro yourself, we are ready to help. We offer purely custom service for all platforms and gaming modes. Case-by-case solutions, the possibility to pick any Apex Legends Trainer from our base and to set the exact time you wanna start and finish your session. Trust us, even one session with our experts will dramatically improve your performance. Can you imagine what a whole course can do?

    Apex Play with Pro — your chance to improve

    Apex Legends stats boost is a relic of the past. Who would want a one-time boost when you can get yourself a whole session with a pro player or even a series of sessions? It’s time to invest, buddy. “Live in the moment” motto is great but when it comes to your Apex progress, one victory achieved by some no-name booster is nothing compared with tons of precious information you can get from our Apex Pro players. They’re willing to share their knowledge and educate you on every in-game subject that’s relevant to you. If you think learning is boring, you haven’t tried it our way. No strict teachers, no useless theory, no stupid homework. Only fun, fun, and tons of fun! Explore Apex maps, try out different guns, play offense or defense, and all of that under the guidance of renowned experts with years of experience. Start a new chapter in Apex, hire a Pro right now and enjoy the newest season to the max!

    A groundbreaking Apex Legends Looking For Group service

    Apart from the “Play with Pro” offers, we can provide Apex Legends LFG services, and instead of a bunch of noobs or some shady no-names, you’ll run with a well-knit team of pros. Don’t risk losing a match by putting your faith into someone you don’t know when you can rely on experts that won’t let you down. We’ll find you a reliable and non-toxic group whether you’re looking for Apex Ranked LFG or a regular one. Our pros are not afraid of sweaty and intense fights, they are skilled enough to prevail in any match and they’re more than happy to teach you to do the same. Together you’ll explore the all-familiar and newly-added locations, find perfect sniping or hiding spots, and try out various guns to figure out which ones are the best for you. Your Apex Legends stats are gonna skyrocket for sure. Moreover, our pros will help you test that new Revenant character in action and use his amazing abilities to gain the ultimate advantage. You’ll be the most valuable player on the team! Apex Legends match boost? Forget the word “boost”, buddy. We’re offering a new groundbreaking approach to gaming that’ll help ordinary players become more skilled and confident. And if you are a pro and want to turn your well-loved hobby into a career, you’ve come to the right place as well. Just go to our “For Pros” section at the top of the page, and let us make your Apex passion a well-paid profession.

    Your personal Apex Guides from Legionfarm

    So, how do you start using our Apex service? First off, choose a platform from the list of possible ones. Our pros work on PC, as well as on consoles (Playstation and Xbox), so it won’t be a problem for you to find a proper option. Your next step is to choose a rank or tier you wanna play and then a number of pros (one of two) that’ll accompany you to the match and teach you along the way. It’s also possible to set up the duration of your session (from one up to six hours) and the exact time you’d like to begin. We can be your personal Apex Legends team finder or a wise, reliable mentor you can always turn to whenever in need. We’re taking every order very carefully and do our best to provide the most helpful coaching possible. A new season is a perfect time to treat yourself to some nice Apex training. The devs, as usual, have prepared lots of goodies for us and, of course, there’ll be challenges along the way, but you should always remember one thing — is here for you no matter what.

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