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No more noobs

Would you like to play with >40% win rate teammates?
PRO gamers with a 3.0+ K/D will join your squad.
You’ll find out why campers never win and learn how to play better.
Check out the main benefits:
Having more fun with a PRO team
Improving your skills in CoD Warzone

How it works


You choose the time and we find you a pro


After the checkout, we add you to the chat with a pro


5 minutes before the session time our pro player adds you to the party

About the service

  • There are 3 main options of playing — Premium which costs $12 per hour and Elite which is $20 per hour. The difference between these options is that in queue time — it can take up to 3 hours in Basic and take a few minutes in Premium and Elite. Also in Premium and Elite you can bring a friend to play with you absolutely for free.

  • FAQ

    What if the game is not on the list?
    We are currently in the process of adding games to our platform. If you have a game you want to play, message KRASAVA#3041 at Discord or shoot an email to [email protected]

    Do I have to pay to use your service?
    No, actually you can play with our up and coming PRO players for free! However, if you want to get coaching or play in party with seasoned veterans, you'll need to use fill your balance first. One hour of play costs $12 regardless of the activity.

    How can I trust you? Where is the legal info about the company?
    Legionfarm is an officially registered company. The Terms and Conditions can be found here.

    How can I join you as a PRO?
    Easy! Just sign up at and we'll help you become a high-paid PRO.

    How to fix the game with CoD Warzone LFG?

    Out of all game modes that our beloved Modern Warfare offers to us, there’s one that’s so special it made it out as a separate game with its own client. That would sound hilarious if not for the fact that Warzone has gained 20 million players in the first week and just a few weeks later, it’s at half a hundred million. What does that tell you? Whatever it is, you must admit it – the CoD version of a BR mode is a ton of fun. There’s just one tiny problem – the teammates. If you play with randoms every time, we’re genuinely sorry for your nerves. You deserve the better treatment that those randoms give you. You deserve the CoD Warzone team finder. Here’s why it’s going to turn this game around for you. First of all, no matter how much we love it, the devs can’t seem to grasp what the fans want. No matter how healthy and loud the community is about expressing their wishes and hopes for the future of Warzone. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re talking about the current mode roster in Warzone. That’s right, there are gаme modеs in a game mode. Shout out to “Pimp My Ride”. Call of Duty Warzone LFG is such a popular service because the number of teammates in your squad is always inconsistent in this game. No, you can’t choose how many to bring with you into the match. At the beginning the Warzone was released with two modes – BR Trios, which is where you and two of your teammates play a classic game of BR and Plunder or Blood Money, also with Trios. And all was good until the developers started to experiment with CoD Warzone game modes.

    Learn to play like a pro in inconsistent game modes with СoD Warzone Pro

    You know how in PUBG it’s either solos, duos or quads? At the start of Season 3 in Warzone, the developers decided to bring the Quads into the BR mode. What they did wrong there was – they replaced the trios with it. This caused a lot of fans to rage. Nobody asked them to replace any of the current squad sizes. If anything, the community invited to add Duos more often than Quads. And what we got is exactly the opposite. So what does that mean to a generic player? If you used to tolerate two other random players in your squad, now you have to tolerate 3 casual players. It’s complete chaos. It’s simply unplayable. Not only that there isn’t much communication that can be done, but you now have to fight against a bigger sized squad. So imagine you see an enemy player, that only means that there’s three more somewhere nearby. So the fights quickly turn into an absolute shit show. It doesn’t even matter what CoD Warzone pro settings you use or what weapons. Unless you have a constant team of players with whom you can play, the game stops being fun. That is a significant turn-off. Not everything is so grim, though. For one, you can order our CoD Warzone Play with Pro service. Not only will you get the pleasure of communicating with an adequate teammate, but also his skills will turn your match into a spectacle that even Michael Bay himself would be proud of. And if you don’t own the full game, it’s going to be much easier for you to go through the CoD Warzone rankings with a pro player.

    CoD Warzone Coaching – learn to lead the team of random players and survive without them

    Similar to the main game’s multiplayer, there are new, limited-time modes being continuously added. Or at least there will be. The first one that was added was about Sniper Rifles and Shotguns only BR. It was quite fun, but then something weird happened. Activision posted a tweet saying that they hear the plea to return the trios back into the game and that they will return the next day. They did return the trios, but they replaced SRs and Shotguns mode with it. Sure, it was supposed to be a limited-time mode, but it hadn’t been out for a single week. This kind of misunderstanding is troubling and what’s worse is that the regular players suffer from it. You always have to readjust yourself to the new change in the ruleset that regards the size of your team. Our CoD MW Warzone training will help you feel more confident and even win solos. The sheer capacity of such a service is hard to underestimate. In essence, you’re going to go over everything starting from your lоadоut, suggested gun builds to the best landing locations and late-game tactics. Yes, it’s hard to adapt your playstyle when they keep changing the mode. We only wish they stopped replacing one thing with the other. They even had a menu called playlist where it was presumed that they’d put new game mode variations. Unfortunately, they got rid of that menu option. In any case, do make use of Warzone coaching, so that even if your squad abandons you as it happens in almost 80% of matches, you won’t lose confidence and the skill to win. If you want to know more about how to keep your cool when your teammates are dumbasses, go to

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