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Rocket League LFG – learn the team-wide techniques

Such a wonderful experiment that showed everyone that there is room for innovation for multiplayer games. It is both fun, but excruciatingly hard to master. It is a constant struggle – at one hand you do enjoy the game for what it is, but on the other, you have all these good players, the ones that can do dribbling, juggle the ball while in the air, lead it, without losing it and all that good stuff. Seeing all that makes you feel bad about yourself. Or maybe you just want to master this one particular trick that you’ve been trying to learn for weeks or months, but you just can’t get it right. Either way, what you need is the Rocket League team finder. That one thing that makes all of your tricks and techniques worthwhile is having two reliable teammates. The best tricks are the ones that are performed by a full team. Personal skill does matter too, which is why while you’re looking into Rocket League competitive team finder we’re going to name a few things that you may or may not have known. To start off, you should try and practice in Boomer Mode. Set the settings to

  • max speed
  • weight to super light
  • bounciness to super high
  • boost strength to 1.5x
  • unlimited boost
Boomer mode may seem like just a silly mode where you fly around like crazy, but it does actually help you improve your Rocket League stats tracker in the long run.

Rocket League Pro settings – do they help?

If you practice air game for about an hour, like double touches and things like that. Then jump into a regular match. Weirdly, you’ll feel like you have a better sense of what it takes to connect with the ball well and hit very solid air moves. Try to learn new moves in one-hour increments. One hour on, take a break and come back the next day or later that day, but dedicate that hour to something specific in RL. In just a few days, it is guaranteed you’ll see the massive improvement that will make you feel like one of those Rocket League pro players. You may also find it useful to try out different camera settings. Sometimes you can get better at RL by working very hard on improving specific areas, but sometimes the best thing you can do is switch stuff up. Do something different. There’s a website with a list of camera settings for all professional e-sports players. Pick the one you like the most and try it. Make sure to give it more than just a few minutes. Better yet, hire a Rocket League Play with Pro from us and let the guy tell you about how and why he’s chosen these settings. If you don’t have the option of hiring, you may also refer to watching RLCS replays. That’s super valuable as you can easily download the replays and view them within the rocket league. Try to watch the whole replay from a high drone-like camera to get the sense of how the entire team works together, and how they make decisions, how they rotate. Get a taste of the overall pace of the whole team. That’s how you learn how to play Rocket League yourself.

Healthy Rocket League Coaching – stay hydrated at all times!

The more you watch high-level play, the more that sort of pace and tempo will be kind of instilled into your own gameplay. So if you watch it a lot and go into your own game, hopefully, you’re going to have a sense of how you can do that when you play. Something you don’t hear very often from people making RL tips is that you absolutely have to learn to take care of your health at least on some level. The more you take care of yourself, the better. It’s very difficult to improve at anything whatever you do in life when you’re not taking care of yourself. The best approach to take is to hire a Rocket League coach and set a nice schedule that incorporates the health balance of practice and the time off. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night will help you to learn and apply RL skills faster than the guy that, say, staying up until 4 AM grinding. It’s essential to any type of Rocket League coaching. The guy that’s sitting up all night, drinking Monsters and just trying to get better by playing mindlessly doesn’t have a chance against the guy who gets a solid night of sleep, drinks a lot of water and devotes quality time to their own improvement, not when they should be sleeping. We’re at are all for the healthy gaming, and we do encourage everyone to find their own pace of practicing.

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