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Why play with PRO?

Find reliable teammates who will teach you and help you survive.
Get more loot, kill more PMCs, survive, and master the game side-by-side with our players.
All our PROs play since the early beta. They have mastered all in-game nuances and are ready to share with you. It is especially relevant in Escape from Tarkov since the game doesn’t forgive any mistakes.

How it works


You choose the time and we find you a pro


After the checkout, we add you to the chat with a pro


5 minutes before the session time our pro player adds you to the party

Why would you need Escape from Tarkov coaching?

How to play Escape from Tarkov? That’s an odd question but only for those who have never set their foot in this game. At first, it may seem “just-one-of-those-shooters” where you run around killing people and working on particular objectives, but in fact, this game is so much more than just a regular FPS, and the issue of how to play it is indeed very acute. EFT has gained a lot of popularity over the last months mainly due to its big boom on Twitch. Why is it so well-loved among streamers and shooter fans? The main reason might be its truly hardcore nature. Well, Call of Duty is sometimes hardcore too, but trust us, EFT is a whole new level. There’s danger everywhere, and nowhere is safe. Literally. Death means losing everything you brought to the fight. It’s an all-or-nothing kind of game that barely gives you second chances, and that’s why Tarkov coaching is a truly smart option to consider. This game is about exploring and figuring stuff out as much as it is about shooting and surviving. There’s no tutorial, no hints, no clues, and actually, no minimap as well as if you were dropped into an actual war zone with no one to rely on but yourself. Sounds pretty extreme, right? Well, that’s exactly what the devs have aimed for. Full immersion, a perpetual sense of danger, a never-ending fight-or-flight mode – that’s what EFT is, and that’s what everybody’s so excited about. However, without proper Tarkov skill training, venturing through the missions is close to impossible. Moreover, soloing the game is also very hard, especially if you’re not a very confident player. You’re probably wondering what could possibly be done, and we’re happy to say that we have the answer, and the answer is Legionfarm.

Escape from Tarkov team finder: get yourself a perfect killing squad

Before we elaborate on the variety of EFT services we are here to provide, let us dwell a bit on other challenging aspects of this game. As it was mentioned earlier, Tarkov is completely unforgiving. Even the slightest incompetence is very likely to lead to your character’s death that amounts to a complete disaster. However, if you’ve got someone to get your six, it certainly gets more or less bearable. In case you don’t have any pals to play with, you’re free to check Escape from Tarkov lfg services, but it’s actually just a matter of luck. Such services are undoubtedly good for those who are looking for a bunch of fellow gamers to play with, but this whole EFT lfg thing is extremely unreliable, and we’re gonna tell you why. First off, you never know how skilled your new partner or group will be. Sure, people can tell a lot about their in-game accomplishments but telling about it and actually showing it are two different things. It might turn out that your new “pro” buddy is not a pro at all or they are actually good but only as solo players. For what it’s worth, LFG is useful only if you’re lucky. That’s why we’ve come up with our own Escape from Tarkov group finder where you don’t have to rely on pure luck. When you find a group with Legionfarm, you can be absolutely sure that these guys are real pros. They’ll always get your back no matter what, and they’ll teach you a lot of useful tricks that are vital when it comes to surviving in Tarkov. Do you wanna try our LFG? Hurry up and place your order!

Tarkov guides: from newbies to celebrated vets

Apart from LFG, we’re glad to offer Escape from Tarkov tips and guides. Are you stuck on that one objective that you just cannot make your way through? Or having trouble figuring the weapon customization system? Or you just keep getting killed by more proficient players over and over again? Well, it ends now. Legionfarm is here to turn you into a solid Tarkov player who’s not afraid of taking risks and can turn even a losing battle into a success. If you’re a newcomer, there’s a good old Escape from Tarkov beginner guide to start with. Our pros are gonna teach you the basics, gradually moving to more complicated matters like navigating the maps (‘cause yeah, no minimap, no compass, that’s hardcore, baby!) and learning to read landmarks. Tactics are everything in EFT. There are so many fighting scenarios that it makes playing so true-to-life it even scares you sometimes. Of course, it’s very improbable that somebody can predict and calculate every possible outcome, but our experts are skilled enough to teach you to gain a tactical advantage in almost any case. They’re also gonna teach you about loadouts and show how to win Escape from Tarkov raids and make out alive with a ton of sweet loot.

Learn to succeed by playing with our EFT Pro

Escape from Tarkov Play with Pro option is a perfect opportunity to not only figure the game out but also achieve pretty outstanding results. Learn the nuances of the in-game economy, play with real experts to excel in raids and PvP encounters. EFT is a real gem among multiplayer shooters, but it’s a hard nut to crack, so go ahead and hone your shooting skills to dominate on the battlefield without even breaking a sweat. Our pros are ready to help! Every Escape from Tarkov pro we work with has years of experience in playing shooters and EFT in particular. They’ve been playing since the early beta, so they know all the maps like the backs of their hands. Best hiding spots, best sniping positions, best tactics for long- and close-range encounters – all that precious knowledge is yours for the taking. To get EFT pro tips and treat yourself to a very enjoyable gaming session, you simply have to place your order on our website. Moreover, we offer a free introductory session to everyone who hasn’t used our service before. You have a chance to see how our pros work and improve your gaming skills without spending a single cent. As the title suggests, EFT is focused on escaping the city alive, so let’s escape together with!

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