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How to play Escape from Tarkov? Escape From Tarkov players will have to choose a side of the conflict and join the battle for the city, constantly monitoring their own lives. If it’s a hard nut to crack for you since the battles can be fierce and cumbersome, we suggest you ordering EFT coaching. Our pros will help you with any specific Tarkov raid. There are many ways to die in EFT - from the enemy soldier’s bullet to huge background radiation. Players will be able to learn over a hundred different unique skills with the aid of best EFT coaching and go through a long questline that sheds light on the city's past and improves the chances of survival. If you know Tarkov Pro tips you can play like a real ace and the game’s walkthrough will be a doddle for you.

Tarkov coaching is a wild card

No need to go to the PVP mode from the beginning, it’s a better option to pay attention to the Escape from Tarkov team play. Before going to PVP, the best EFT player must first familiarize himself with the location, the mechanics of the game, and adjust the controls. Before going into PVP, study all the unexplored items from the merchants. In PVP, we take a pistol, clip, ammunition, and put it in a gamma container. Tarkov merchants have their level, when leveling, more loot becomes available and merchants reduce prices for goods. Tarkov weapons can be repaired and sold to a warrant officer. If you want to explore this cold but thrilling EFT world, don’t hesitate to use Tarkov Team Finder. If you feel that completing these sophisticated missions is above your paygrade and you need a Tarkov guide, don’t worry. Our seasoned professionals at legionfarm.com got your back and ready to assist you.