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Escape from Tarkov – the game to be reckoned with

This is it, ladies and gentlemen, we are officially starting to offer services for a game that isn’t really made for sweet ladies and softly-spoken gentlemen. This is the game made for real men. Understandably, you may have never heard about this game before finding yourself looking at this page. And this is fine. Before we talk about our Escape from Tarkov carry services, we’ll tell you exactly what this game is. EFT is a very sophisticated first-person shooter that has incorporated the elements of survival and management games into int’s core gameplay. All of that is served under the unforgettable atmosphere that will remind you of Stalker. The story goes as follows – in the imaginary city of Tarkov in Russia, there is a big international company that’s built its labs and production factories all around the city. The company presumably has several directions, one of which is medical development. The company is guarded by American PMC called USEC. But, something terrible happens and after a short but massively destructive conflict, Tarkov is in ruins. Now, a Russian PMC company called BEAR is sent to Tarkov to investigate the activity of Terra Group, that company, because their business is very shady and it is believed that they are the ones behind the tragedy. This is the reason for conflict between two military groups as well as why we offer escape from tarkov coaching. You see, players choose to play as either of these military groups. They venture to so-called raids that take place in the number of diverse locations all around the city to gather supplies and most importantly complete quests and missions. Since this is not an RPG of any sort, despite having a ton of different parameters, you must know how to boost your skill in Escape from Tarkov.

Your survival starts in the menu or why to use Escape from Tarkov boost

First of all, you have to know that the EFT is still in early development and the available version that is being sold is merely a test. The game has two parts to it. Actually, there are 3, but we’re going to focus only on the first two. When you first enter the main menu, you’ll find yourself looking at your inventory or stash. Before you get to visit any of escape from tarkov maps you ought to gear up, lock and load. Unlike in other games, your gear has actual purpose and meaning. As such, different vests and backpacks have different capacity and you must know that you can only load your spare magazines and bullets into chest rigs. You must insert the right bullets into the magazines for your guns, then put the spare ones into that vest of yours, otherwise, you won’t be able to use a spare mag. Or rather you will, but in case you put a spare mag into your backpack, you will have to manually open your inventory while on a run or likely in the middle of a gunfight and replace it with the empty one. All of this instead of simply pressing of R key. You will lose all of your precious loot when you fall dead, which is the main thing to remember about EFT. If you are already started to search something like – escape from tarkov how to play with friends, close that search tab, for you’ve already found your answer on this page. Previously we’ve mentioned that players go into raids to loot and to complete some missions. In the game, several vendors sell you varied supplies from bullets to medical supplies, food, and cloth. These vendors will offer you missions, completing which will increase your standing with them which in turn will help you to unlock new merchandise to buy. Some missions are not available by default, so you don’t even have to look for eft how to unlock peacekeeper quests, because we have an answer for you.

EFT Play with Pro today and survive your first raid

Okay, so you now know about the quests, dressing up, and inventory, are you ready to go out? Not just yet. There is still an important thing left to learn about your char. Like most legendary RPG games, your character has a list of skills that can be upgraded. The difference is that you don’t earn points that you then get to spend on improving. Skills are upgraded passively as your char uses them. For instance, you increase your stamina by running more, you increase the time you can last without water by drinking it only when necessary. Or the more you use a certain gun, not only the handling of this gun will increase, but also your character will tell with more precision how many rounds are left in the mag. Remember that you won’t get a magic number showing in the bottom corner that says how many bullets you have left. You have to count your shots, or it’s possible to quickly detach the mag and have a glance. Anyway, with us you get can buy escape from tarkov skill leveling which will help you to upgrade the most valuable traits in EFT. Of course, as soon as you start playing you’ll be offered a few of the quests. For instance, eft prapor quests are sometimes as simple as killing a few Scavs on a certain map, but sometimes he would ask you to find and recover a certain item. His quests are multi-staged, so be prepared. Again, don’t go searching escape from tarkov how to level up traders, because we can help.

Learn important information with our EFT carry service

Now you can go on a raid! Yay! So, you start a raid, you have your objectives. Let’s say it’s to grab what you can come across and do a mission or two. So you go around your business, and maybe you’ve killed a scav or two, or maybe you’ve killed your first enemy player. If that’s the case, don’t forget to pick up his dog tag. Oh yeah, no matter which PMC you’ve chosen to play as, everybody in a raid is your enemy. This is not a team deathmatch game mode from Team Fortress 2, every person in a raid is trying to loot and survive. Which is why for the first raid you should buy EFT Play with Pro service. There is a lot of pressure as it is on a new survivalist and having a buddy at your side is always a big relief. But if you are alone, after some time of wandering around a question starts to form in your head – how do I exit the raid? Oops. We wanted to set you free on your first raid so much, we forgot to tell you that you must know the evac points, which are randomized on each run. Do you still think you're brave enough to go without Escape from Tarkov boosting service? One of the most useful offers you will find on our website for EFT is the one that teaches you the map knowledge. Each map has its own exit places, some of them have conditions, meaning that you won’t be able to escape if you don’t meet them. And all of those exists are always randomized. Use this service to learn where to go to evacuate, so that you won’t lose anything you brought and the stuff that you managed to scavenge. Oh and remember the time is ticking. Find out more about our EFT offers on

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